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Here we go, finally. Almost a year after I set up this server, www.kiszka.org no longer shows a poor placeholder. Everything is still a bit minimalistic here, but content should now appear at a faster pace.

The desire to push some private photo galleries online gave the final kick. My aim was private hosting. I really do not like handing out too much data to any of those "free" content hosters. But I also wanted some appealing user interface. So I watched out for a Joomla-based solution and stopped at the nice Phoca Gallery. Of course its default behavior did not completely meet what I had in mind. But after just a little bit of tuning it's much closer now. Same for Joomla itself and the other extensions I use. You quickly find yourself spending unreasonable time on this...

Though most photos are for "selected viewers" only, I also opened some to the public. Yeah, you got it: Elba was marvelous! 

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