My First Thunderbird Add-on: Archived-At

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Archived-At add-on for Thunderbird

Being active in various open source communities, I often have the need to refer to previous discussions in my replies or commit messages. So far I manually retrieved the Archived-At URL from the source view of messages from news.gmane.org. I like to refer to the threaded view, but gmane distributes a permalink.gmane.org URL. So I additional had to edit the link.

For years I wanted to write a trivial extension for Thunderbird to automatize these steps. Then I found the promising extension Archived Link, but it neither worked smoothly nor had the desired UI integration. So I took this and intensive reading of the MDN as foundation to create my first own add-on from scratch: Archived-At.

There are no big plans right now because the add-on does what it is supposed to do from my point of view. Localization, enabling multiple post-processing rules, support for multiple Archived-At tags (provided I find a generating source), those are things that could be done. However, I'm open for feature requests or even patches - it's open source, it can be a community project.

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